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The Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development, and Acquisition (ASN(RDA)) Program Managers Workshop was created to instruct the Navy's Program Managers and senior acquisition personnel in the history of Navy acquisition and examples of successful Navy Program Management. Since its creation in October 2014, the Workshop has instructed over 250 acquisition professionals in Government and Industry.


Our workshops are intensive five-day courses of instruction where students are exposed to a wealth of information in the areas of Naval organization and history, U.S. military procurement, major program management, and shipbuilding related roles and responsibilities. Instructors highlight lessons learned relevant to today's Program Manager's acquisition duties.


Strategic Insight can flex the training schedule to meet client scheduling needs.

Upcoming Workshops

Government and Industry Acquisition Professionals​


18-22 October 2021

15-19 November 2021

6-10 December 2021

24-29 January 2022

7-11 March 2022

4-8 April 2022

9-13 May 2022

18-22 July 2022


Workshop Information


For more information on our workshops, please fill out the contact form on the Contact page and type "Workshops" in the subject line or call (703) 413-0700. We look forward to hosting you at a workshop soon!


"...recommend that coworkers and peers alike take it as soon as possible."


"This has been the most valuable and influential training I have ever had during my 23 years in the Navy."


"Provided a wealth of information that cannot be provided anywhere else."


Student Feedback