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Turning chaos into strategies for success.

We understand the uncertainty, complexity, and pressure driving chaos. Our specialized team is equipped to help our clients see the big picture while still coping with everyday challenges. We focus on organizing, communicating and improving sophisticated endeavors.

What We Do

We understand that every organization has unique needs and challenges. We bring specialized skill sets tailored to the specific needs and objectives of our clients.

Our Services

Senior Advisory & Strategic Planning

SI’s SMEs structure analytically-based strategies, generate ideas, identify courses of action, recommend an optimal solution, and develop reports and presentations describing the methodology, data, and results. We document conditions as found, determine the root causes, and provide sound, reasoned recommendations on a path forward to successful implementation of a solution.

Engineering & Technical Services

Our team of systems engineers help break down challenges, establish priorities, and identify solutions to meet our clients’ engineering and technical requirements.

Corporate Communications

Our senior experts analyze the organization’s mission, identify key decision-makers and stakeholders, and assess their requirements for routine and specialized communications. We develop overarching communications strategies, communications plans and targeted communications campaigns for client organizations.

Program Management

Our team of highly-motivated experts help manage programs throughout their life cycles. We help prepare required acquisition documentation, perform risk management analyses, and prepare for milestone gate and other significant reviews.

Cyber Security & Digital Transformation

Our Digital Strategy team is focused on people, processes, and technology as they apply to leading an organization through adoption of relevant digital solutions. Our approach and agile culture enable the client to continuously engage, enact and evolve future innovations to meet mission and organizational needs.

Human Capital Strategy & Training

Our SMEs link human capital strategy to an organization's mission requirements. We provide training for Navy program managers, senior acquisition personnel, and requirements officers.

War Rooms

We help high-stakes federal agencies and private sector organizations solve complex, multidimensional problems. 

Using a process called the War Room (traditionally made of four walls with cork boards, push pins, and paper) Strategic Insight now drives projects digitally with high-tech collaboration software, enabling their teams to be empowered contributors to the national security of the country. 


The War Room touts eight 98” touchscreens that power our training seminars, strategy sessions, and team collaboration.

War Room 2.jpg
War Room 3.jpg
War Room 1.jpg


"The culture at Strategic Insight allows me to do what's right for my clients without red tape."

Daniel S.
General Associate, 2005

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