Total Package Procurement

What is Total Package Procurement?

What should the focus be in defense procurement?

How much Risk should a Program Manager take?

Risk and Focus in Defense Systems Acquisition was a study initiated in 1997 to examine the DoD's experience with Total Package Procurement (TPP), with emphasis on shipbuilding.

Three programs that used TPP were the C-5A Galaxy, the LHA-1 and DD-963 class ships. The F-111 Aardvark and the CGN-36/38 class ships did not. This paper discusses these programs in detail, highlighting events and lessons that may be applicable today.

The history and times that led to TPP are explored for an understanding of why these business reforms continue to occur and often fall short.

This report documents the findings of that study and seeks to understand how the forces related to acquisition impact the nation's ability to create high risk, complex systems, particularly warships.