Strategic Insight understands that every organization has unique needs and challenges. For this reason, we bring specialized skill sets to bear in our studies and analyses, cybersecurity, training, strategic planning, corporate communications, organizational design, systems engineering, and program management that are tailored to the specific needs and objectives of our clients.



War Rooms: Studies and Analyses
Creativity – Collaboration – Clarity
Engage - Analyze - Protect
Relevant - Tailored - Reliable

We get to the heart of the matter by articulating questions to generate the highest information yield. We help you frame complex problems in easy to understand terms and offer workable, affordable solutions. We use War Rooms that are designed to generate, communicate and structure strategies, plans, studies and analyses, other problem solutions, and presentations, which require integrating a broad cross-section of people to support decision making and build consensus. War Rooms stimulate creativity, encourage candor, synthesize data into useful information and foster team spirit to solve complex problems.

Warfighters rely on critical computer-based systems that must work resiliently among a host of factors from user behavior and system interactions to regulatory requirements and international suppliers and vendors. Strategic Insight is well versed in cybersecurity policies, guidance and directives protecting technologies and information, reporting cyber events, and assessing compromised data within the federal sector. We ensure program offices achieve mission assurance. Strategic Insight provides in-depth analytical knowledge to assess compromised data taken by the adversary and determine the severity of data loss.

Our training team captures the "whats in it for me" and "why" of your subject area in our curriculum design and course and training materials. Our instructors have a wealth of experience and actively encourage students to share their experiences and view points. We deliver professional, polished, and engaging instruction tailored to meet your needs.

Imagine –Collaborate – Achieve
Corporate Communication
Inspire – Motivate – Engage
Organizational Design
Improve – Streamline – Maximize

Having a tough time honing your vision or laying out a roadmap for your organization? Our experienced team of strategy and business process professionals can help you by enabling you to think and manage strategically, designing custom plans tailored to your organization’s specific needs and objectives. We guide you in clearly defining goals, objectives, action plans, and measures of success, and mapping out your key business processes. Our planning approach considers all elements of an organization’s strategy in tandem, resulting in a comprehensive plan that can be easily implemented across the organization. We encourage our clients to participate to influence the planning process. This creates ownership of organizational plans and lays the foundation for smooth implementation.

Starting a new venture? Restructuring? Our experienced strategy, communications, and graphics professionals can help you get the word out to inspire and engage your stakeholders. We will help you conceive, design, and implement effective strategic communication plans and branding solutions to reach your intended audience, while aligning employee and stakeholder goals with your organization's strategy.

Our organizational design, change-management, and business-process reengineering experts will help your organization realize its fullest potential through reviewing your mission, vision, and long-term goals, helping you define the needs of your organization and roles and responsibilities, identifying the systems you need to ensure the best outcomes, developing policies and procedures needed for your people to execute their mission, and creating a structure that will most efficiently achieve your goals.

Systems Engineering
Bound - Optimize - Integrate
Program Management
Integrity – Accountability – Leadership

Got a problem? Let our team of systems engineers help you break it down, establish priorities, and find solutions that work for you and your stakeholders. Strategic Insight’s disciplined approach combines research capabilities and experience in translating between experts and laymen. We go beyond the basics of problem definition, organization, research, and analysis to address the individual and aggregated issues from organizational to political to technical.

Strategic Insight's team of highly-motivated experts can help you manage your program throughout its lifecycle. We can help you prepare required acquisition documentation, perform risk management analysis, and get ready for milestone reviews. Additionally, Strategic Insight office support staff ensures smooth operations and communications to help your organization achieve its goals. The bottom line: We deliver professional products that exceed expectations.