Barbara “Bobbi” Hess


Inspirational, encouraging, and supportive – these are Bobbi’s trademarks and key to her success as Strategic Insight’s Chief Operating Officer. Bobbi enjoys working with teams to solve problems. She believes, as Mother Theresa said, “I can do things you cannot. You can do things I cannot. Together we can do great things.”


It’s easy to understand why Bobbi takes the people-centric culture of the company seriously as she graduated from George Washington University with a degree in Psychology. While she loves people, she did not want to spend her time counseling them on a doctor's office couch so she went back to GWU to get her Masters in Engineering Management.


With a wealth of experience in Department of Defense and private industry, her professional career began as a program analyst in the Navy’s AEGIS Program Office. She came to work at Strategic Insight in 1987 and has held a number of positions within the company. As Chief Operating Officer she is responsible for Case Management, Finance, Contracts, Security, and Human Resources. Over the years, she has worked with many clients facilitating strategic planning, identifying requirements for future defense systems, re-engineering organizations, analyzing and realigning organizational processes, and developing and implementing outreach and communication strategies.


Bobbi extends her passion for serving others to the international community by volunteering on the Board of Directors of Serving at the Crossroads.  In this role, she travels semi-annually to Honduras to support a mission that provides medical and dental care to those who otherwise could not afford it. 


Does Bobbi ever relax? You betcha! She loves her monthly book club gatherings and enjoys a good glass of red with friends and colleagues. And, on sunny days, you will see her driving around in her bright, blue convertible with the top down (as long as the temperature is above 32 degrees).